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About us - sukarisafari

About Sofie & Isa Sukari Safari

Just like our slogan “Why to fit in, when you can stick out”, we focus on our trips and everything we do.

We love the attention to detail and bring a breath of fresh air to the safari industry being two women. We live most of the time in the bush and know what we’re talking about.
In addition to our business, we are also actively involved in
local social projects linked to Women Empowerment (“The Small Village Botswana”).

I am Sofie Moens, 39 years old and originally from Belgium.

I’ve been living in Cape Town for the last 12 years now. I am a trained nature guide and responsible for putting your trip together and all the operational aspects linked to it. In my spare time I enjoy running, swimming and spending time with friends and family. I also love to spoil myself with good food and wine.

I am Isabelle Tschugmall – Isa in the middle, 30 years old and from Switzerland.

After having spent ten years in the financial jungle, I switched to the African bush. I am a trained Nature & Trails Guide and responsible for Sales & Marketing. In addition to my bush life, my heart blossoms with music and lyrics (blog www.yishainthemiddle.com) and I am an entrepreneur at heart.

Sukari Safari Logo only giraffes

Both of us are relatively tall women and often stand out in a crowd, so our slogan couldn’t be more fitting, and the giraffes represent this by sticking their necks out of the circle. We love thinking  outside the box (the circle) and come up with new and interesting solutions where necessary.
In addition, we pride ourselves on standing out with our performance and individual service and we place our guests and their needs at the centre of what we do. Like our names, Sukari begins with S for Sofie and ends with the I for Isabelle.
The logo is rounded off by the wonderful colours of the African evening sun.

Our Vision

We want to offer safaris centred around a Mindful and Conservation approach. The integration of cultural topics and working together with local co-workers is very important to us. The trips are tailor-made to make it a complete the individual experience – to experience the African bush on all levels and with all your senses.

Our Mission

  • On a safari with us, the guest experiences an individual experience, discovers the bush with all his/her senses and experiences Botswana in all its facets. Travel wholeheartedly.
  • With regards to the selection of our safari suppliers & partners, sustainability, fairness and a sense of individuality are top-of-mind – so our guests can discover and go on safari without a guilty conscience. 

Our Values

  • Personal: We respond individually to our customers’ wishes and maintain personal contact with them. 
  • Transparency: We pay attention to honest communication and thereby create transparency. This is also considered when selecting and declaring suppliers and products etc. 
  • Responsibility: We deal responsibly with our contact groups and are aware of our responsibility towards our daily environment, both internally and externally. 
  • Fairness: We treat EVERYONE fairly and as an equal member. This should always be reflected in our activities and decisions.