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News from the bush

News from the African bush, blog posts and information about trips and local as well as global stories can be found here.
Have fun on this safari of discovery!

Botswana Safari nr 1

Botswana named Africa’s best safari country for 2019

From wildlife monitoring, tree planting, animal-tracking lessons, and fly-camp sleep-outs under the stars, the five-night conservation journey offered by Samara Private Game Reserve will give guests an immersive conservation experience in the African bush.The itinerary, which allows travellers to make a meaningful contribution to Samara’s conservation efforts without compromising on five-star comforts, includes:A daily hands-on conservation session, which could include wildlife monitoring, anti-poaching, land rehabilitation, reserve clear-up, fence maintenance, wildlife translocations, Spekboom (local tree) planting, research assistance and community visits.Traditional game drives and/or bush walks.Tracking lesson.Wilderness hike followed by a fly-camp sleep-out under the stars.

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